How Will a Solar Panel Installation Improve my Life?


How Will a Solar Panel Installation Improve my Life?


Solar panels allow us to capitalize on one of the most abundant energy sources that we have and allow us to harness the power of the almighty sun. Installing solar panels will greatly reduce the amount of energy used and you will more than likely notice a significant drop in your utility bills in the months after installation. Solar panels save money by generating emissions free electricity and can almost single handedly produce all the electrical needs for your home saving hard earned money and mother earth.

Solar panels are low maintenance and when installed need very little attention because they have very few moving components. Low maintenance does not mean no maintenance so you will still need to check your solar panels yearly to make sure they are clear of dirt and debri. Panels can be cleaned easily with a water hose but may need to be left to a professional because of fallen hazards. Most contractors that install solar panels offer panel-cleaning services at reasonable rates so there is no need to risk ones safety, let the professionals take care of it.

Certain states have different solar incentives that give homeowners reason to consider installing solar panels. States such as California and Arizona offer cash back and tax credits for installing solar panels and let’s face it cash back is always a great thing. With electricity cost constantly on the rise and state to state tax breaks your solar panels could pay for themselves rather quickly. Solar panels will not only save you money but will also give you the gratification of helping the environment on a daily basis.

Solar panels very often need replacing and come with a twenty five to thirty year warranty which makes them not only low maintenance but durable. Panels have been known to last over forty years with an energy generating capacity of 80% anything below this number means the solar panel may need to replaced shortly. The type of panel that is installed along with the climate determines the life of the solar panel system. Crystalline panels typically last longer and come with a longer warranty than thin film panels such as solar shingles so when choosing your panels take this into consideration.

All panels lose efficiency as they get older and are worn down daily by the elements but you can extend the life of your solar panels with a few simple steps. Make sure tree limbs are trimmed and not leaving shadows across your panels. If the sun is blocked and your panels are covered with pine straw and leaves, you will not get the full effect of your solar panels.

In all, installing solar panels can improve your life in many different ways, from saving you money to protecting our beautiful earth, there is really no argument solar is the way to go. So go green, go solar, and watch the bills drop and your energy efficiency rise through the roof.





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