Certifications to Expect From Your Roofing Contractors in Northern VA

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Certifications to Expect From Your Roofing Contractors in Northern VA

A roofing contractor can be very beneficial to the integrity of the roof of your house, as well as the house itself. Without routine maintenance, a roof can suffer from minor to even irreparable damage, either from normal wear-and-tear to exposure from the elements, especially during the winter months. Employing a roofing contractor will allow you to identify any problems before they become a serious issue. In addition, a roofing contractor will work with you to install any possible updates or other associated materials that would work to improve the integrity of your home. For example, the installation of your attic to help prevent heat from escaping your home.

Though a professional roofing contractor will be able to aid you in preserving the integrity of your home and its roof, you need to be wary of potential scams that do occur. Even a roofing contractor that seems trustworthy may just be seeking to take advantage of you and take you money and run. When looking to employ a roofing contractor you should always ensure that they are qualified and have the proper certifications.

One way to discern if a roofing contractor is qualified is looking at their reputation around your general vicinity. If they have been in service for a while, then someone in your local community should have experienced their services at least once. Relying on the input from your local community is one of the most surefire ways to weed out any potential scams. Checking websites that list community based companies, may also alert you of which roofing contractors are reputable and certified.

As for certifications, many states will have a whole host of certifications that need to be met for a roofing contractor to be a reputable service. It depends on how strict the industry is in your state and what the minimum requirements for certification are. Some states may also have specific certifications that are required because of the weather that a state will experience. In addition, depending on what state you are in, there may be resources available to roofing contractors that allows them to stand apart from other roofing contractors.

In you are local to the Northern Virginia area, there are a few certifications you should expect from your roofing contractor. If are considering hiring one, then you should ensure that they meet all the necessary certifications, and possibly any that make them a more qualified service. One such service is a HAAG Certification.

A roofing contractor that has been HAAG certified means that the roofing contractor has been certified by HAAG Engineering, which is a forensic engineering firm that specializes in storm damage to roofs. This certification demonstrates an intensive training in roofing damage, weathering, installation, and maintenance and repair costs for virtually every roofing type. Also, HAAG certification is recognized by all insurance companies, so you won’t have to stress over disputes between your contractor and insurance adjuster.

A professional roofing contractor will be able to service your home in a way that will prepare it for any type of weather and work to reduce any damages. Always look to avoid potential scams by ensuring a roofing contractor is certified. If you are local to the Northern Virginia Area, consider hiring a certified, professional commercial roofing contractor today for all your roofing needs!

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