3 Benefits of A Metal Roofing System


3 Benefits of A Metal Roofing System

Deciding on a type of roofing can be difficult with the vast array of roofing material that exists today. Homeowners can choose between more common materials such as asphalt, wood, tile, or a rarer type of material such as metal. The type of roofing material a homeowner chooses is vital to not only the appearance of their home but also the longevity and upkeep of the roof. What type of material you buy can also depend on what weather is common in the area you live as well as what your budget is. As metal is a less common roofing material, below are 3 benefits of a metal roofing system in order to allow you to be more knowledgeable about your roofing material choices.

Greater longevity than other materials

If a metal roof is properly installed, its expected life should be as long as that of the house. A metal roof is more durable as it can seal out water, withstand high winds, and shed snow easier than other roofing materials that would normally be vulnerable to most weather conditions. Metal roofs are also durable during extreme weather, especially in the snow, as they have low friction surfaces that are extremely slick, which allows snow to easily slide off the roof and prevents accumulation. A metal roof usually has a longer warranty than other roofs as a metal roof is less likely to need major repair on a consistent basis. 

Easier to install

If you have an experienced and qualified roofing contractor, your metal roof should be installed in a quick manner with relative ease. This is achieved by the fact that most metal roofing materials are formed in multiple-shingle sections, which is 12 to 26 inches wide. If you are facing extreme weather that is rapidly approaching, the speed which metal roofing can be installed may be the difference between your home withstanding the extreme weather, or your home succumbing to water and wind damage. Metal roofing material is also lighter than other roofing materials, so time is saved on building the supporting structure of the roof.

Greater protection against hazards

Not only are metal roofs more durable during extreme weather conditions, they are also resistant to many other hazards such as fire, insects, mildew, and rot. The way that metal roofs are designed allows for rain and snow to simply fall off the slippery roofing material. Metal roofs are extremely fire resistant to the point that they are given a Class A fire rating, which is the most resistant. This is very beneficial if fire hazards are a major household concern for you and your family.

As with any other roofing material, metal roofing does have its drawbacks, however, depending on your needs, a metal roof may outweigh any potential consequences with all their benefits. If you are looking for a more durable and long-lasting building material, then a metal roof may be the best option for your home. If you have any further inquiries on metal roofing, visit the website for Commercial Roofing VA today!

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