How Roofing Contractors Can Help You Prepare for the Cold Weather Months Ahead


How Roofing Contractors Can Help You Prepare for the Cold Weather Months Ahead

The best time to prepare for the winter is not when the season is fast approaching, but rather months ahead when you still have time to adequately prepare and take preventative measures. Also, to help protect your roof from the elements there are checklists available to follow, and steps you may be able to take yourself, but the best way to adequately prepare is to employ a professional service. A professional service, such a roofing contractor, would have all the knowhow and necessary equipment to prepare your roof for the winter. Still not convinced? Below are ways a roofing contractor can help you prepare for the cold months ahead.

Clean your gutters

Though this may seem like a task you can undertake yourself, a roofing contractor would be able to do it in a more professional and efficient manner. Clearing your gutter before the cold weather months occur will help water drain away from your house and roof. If your gutters are clogged, then they will be more apt to freeze during the winter months, causing additional blockages and possibly compromising your roof. Blocked gutter can cause you a heavy financial burden, for they can allow melting ice and snow to cause damage to your roof or the foundation of your home.

Prevent ice dams

Ice dams are formed during winter months when heat escapes from your home and can melt and then refreeze ice and snow on your roof. Ice dams block off drains, which causes water and ice to build up on your roof. This can cause your roof to weaken and may put the entirety of your home at risk. A roofing contractor would be able to help you prevent ice dams by insulating your attic correctly, which would prevent too much heat from escaping. Also, a roofing contractor could help ventilate your attic to help prevent ice dams, for proper ventilation prevents warm air rom melting ice on your roof.

Trim trees around home

If you have any long tree branches around your home, you should employ a roofing contractor to trim them before the cold weather arrives. Broken branches that land on your roof in conjunction with heavy snow and ice and cause heavy damage to your home and roof. Trimming them before-hand will allow you to reduce the potential damage your roof may take when winter finally arrives.

Protect pipes from freezing

 A roofing contractor can also help you prepare for the winter months by helping you prepare your pipes for the cold weather. Pipes that are damaged due to cold weather can be a very expensive fix. A roofing contractor would be able to identify any areas where pipes may be exposed to the cold air and work to repair them.

Prevent is always the better than having to pay for repair costs, and this even holds true for the condition of your roof during and after winter months. A roofing contractor would be able to prepare your roof properly months before the cold weather months occur, saving you time and effort. If you are in Northern Virginia, consider hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor today!

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