Tips on Maintaining Your Roof

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Tips on Maintaining Your Roof


The weather has been quite hectic the past few years, so if there was ever a time to worry about the condition of your roof, it would be now. Depending on where you live, the different weather may cause different forms of wear and tear. Other factors such as trees, animals, and insects will damage your roof too. One initial problem may not cause the entire roof to come falling down, but a collection of them all could leave you needing some serious repairs. The last thing you want is your home to have a leak in the middle of a rainy night.


The first tip should be common practice, inspect your roof a few times a year. It’s best to get up there and take a look in between seasons. Look for any leaves or debris that has fallen on your roof. If you live somewhere with harsh winters, you should be checking the roof for any damage caused by ice or snow. If you’ve experienced a rough storm or had high-speed winds flow through your area, then you should also do an inspection for a sense of security. Just because a tree didn’t fall on your house doesn’t mean you didn’t experience any storm damage. While checking your roof, avoid walking on it. It can cause further damage to you and your home, because asphalt and clay/slate tiles are fragile.


Now that you’ve inspected the roof, you should take a trip into the attic. The roof looked clean, but the attic is the best place to notice any damage or potential leaks. Don’t expect to see dripping water on a day when it hasn’t rained. What you should be looking for instead are stains or streaks. Water seeping from these areas will leave these marks as a sign that it’s been getting through. Another thing to keep your eye out for is soft patches in the wood frames of your attic. It looks as if the wood is rotting away in that area, and it’s a sign of an infestation. There are plenty of companies out there that specialize in the removal of these insects, so if you’ve caught it early, you shouldn’t panic too much.
Inspect the surroundings of your home. After storms you may see tiles or shingles that have fallen off of your roof. These areas should be repaired immediately. Another thing to keep an eye out for is anything that could potentially be a problem in the future. If you have a tree that has gotten tall over the years and the branches are starting to creep over your home, then you should trim the branches off. Animals are also a hazard that should be dealt with, no matter how cute you may think they are. Animals will take advantage of the infestation you haven’t noticed and use it as a food source, as well as a way to enter your attic through your roof. They may be minding their own business up there, but they further damaged your home when entering. Allowing the animals to stay in your attic could lead to a larger infestation of insects, as well as more animals deciding to reside in there.

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