Help! My Solar Panel has Storm Damage!


Help! My Solar Panel has Storm Damage!

Although solar panels are constructed in a way that prevents damages, they do occasionally become weather beaten or cracked. Solar panels are not cheap and it is smart to avoid having to pay extra fees for them if possible. If your solar panels are suffering from sustained injuries, you may want to consider calling your installer for repairs. With proper maintenance and insurance, there are ways to prevent future damage sustained by not only your panels, but your wallet as well.


Damage Prevention and Reduction


When initially installing your solar panel, you should ask your installer to put the solar panels on the side of the roof that accumulates the least amount of snow. That way, you can reduce and prevent damage caused by snow storms. While the solar panels may produce less energy on that side than they would be on the side of the house that faces the sun, it will be easier to clean the snow off and get the solar panels producing energy again.


If you live in an area that is very windy, make sure to check the wind loading potential of your solar panels. These are measured in Pascals. Make sure to talk to the company about choosing the right solar panel system for your location. Stronger solar panels with a higher wind load will be recommended for windier areas.


Energy Production During A Storm


While energy production won’t be at its full potential while it is raining or storming, the solar panels still absorb UV light. Even if the skies are overcast and the sun is nowhere to be seen, energy is still absorbed and produced. However, solar panels will switch off during a power outage, so plan accordingly and consider buying a back-up battery source for such an occasion. Otherwise, your neighbors without solar power will have power and you’ll be in the dark!


What To Do If Your Solar Panel Is Damaged


If your solar panel is storm damaged and it is covered by a warranty or some kind of insurance, then call the company that you received the solar panel from and have it repaired or replaced. If your solar panel is not covered under a warranty, then contact your installer as soon as possible to see if they can assess the damage and repair the product. Hopefully you won’t have to pay that much for repairs, but if you do, then make sure to contact the solar panel company to see if you can buy insurance that will pay for future damages.
While solar panels are incredibly sturdy and are hardly prone to severe damage, they can still succumb to the strength and power of storms. Without proper insurance and maintenance, your solar panels will be unprotected and you will be hit with high fees and charges to pay for the damages. Make sure your solar panel is well maintained and in a safe position attached to your roof. Otherwise, the panels may be more susceptible to internal and external damages.

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