3 Ways to Recover from Storm Damage to Your Roof

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3 Ways to Recover from Storm Damage to Your Roof

Recovering from severe weather can be a very difficult and confusing task for your family. Not only do you have to recover physically and mentally, but you also may have to face damage done to your home. While some damage may be more severe than others, it is vital that you are able to repair your home as quickly as possible following severe weather conditions to restore a sense of normalcy to your life. If you are facing damage after severe weather conditions, below are three ways you can recover from storm damage to your roof.

 Call insurance agent

 If you find that your home has been damaged from damage incurred by a storm, the first thing you should do is call your insurance company, or agent, so that you can discuss with them how to best move forward with repairs. You should be sure to review your insurance policy so that you know what will be covered by your insurance company and what your deductible is going to be. After you have contacted your insurance agency, they will send an adjuster who will determine if any damage has occurred. The adjuster will then cut a check, usually to you and your mortgage company, for the damage done to the roof minus any depreciation of the roof. You will need to contact your mortgage company to find out how to endorse the check and then you can begin the process of finding a contractor to repair the damage done to your roof.

 Repair small holes

Following a severe storm, you may find that your roof has taken damage. If this damage is not severe in nature, however, there are steps you can take to temporarily repair the damage yourself. If your roof has small holes, one option you have to repair it is through using roofing cement. Roofing cement is a substance that is not water soluble and only a small amount is needed when trying to repair holes on your roof. Make sure to exercise caution when using roofing cement, for it does not adhere to surfaces easily.

Another way you can fix smaller holes is by temporarily plugging the hole by inserting a nail or screw of the same, or slightly larger, diameter than the nail or screw that were originally in place. If you believe you may run out of nails or screws to fix the holes, be sure to start on the lower areas to prevent water leaks as there is more water flowing on lower parts than higher.

Hire a roofing contractor

The most sure-fire way to recover from storm damage to your roof is to hire a reputable, professional roofing contractor. They will be able to repair any damage to your roof, and you will have your peace of mind restored. Be sure to conduct proper research before deciding to employ a roofing contractor.

Recovering from storms can be difficult, especially if your roof was heavily damaged. Contacting your insurance company and hiring a roofing contractor will be the quickest way to ensure your roof has been properly repaired. For more information about roofing repair, visit the website for Commercial Roofing VA today!

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