How Long does a Standard Roof Last

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How Long does a Standard Roof Last

If you are wondering the life expectancy you can get from your roof, you are not alone. Many homeowners want to know how many years they can reasonable expect to get out of their roof. There are a number of factors that can affect your roof’s condition and everything will need to be taken into consideration when determining whether a roof needs to be replaced.

A standard asphalt shingle roof can reasonably last up to 20 years without any problems. Tile and slate roofs are designed to last up to 50 years and cement shingles can last a homeowner up to 30 years.

Of course, weather is one of the biggest influences on how long your roof will last. For instance, if you live in an area that experiences tornadoes or hurricanes, your roof will not last as long as someone who lives in an area where the weather conditions are not so harsh. Hail, wind, and water all affect your roof negatively, especially when shingles are knocked loose or ripped off.

Another common culprit of a premature roof replacement is a lack of maintenance to the roof. If you neglect your roof and you are not caring for it properly, you will notice that the shingles become loose and the roof may leak. You should check your roof periodically to ensure that there is no debris on it and you should keep an eye on the shingles and replace loose or broken ones.

Your gutters play an important role in the health of your roof as well. If you are allowing your gutters to overflow, you are letting water buildup on the roof which weakens it over time and can mean that you do not get a full 20 years out of it.

Lastly, if your roof was not professionally installed or it was done by someone inexperienced, you may notice that it does not last as long as you had hoped. It is essential that the roof is put on your home professionally to ensure that there are no problems later on down the road.

A roof that had incurred damage can be repaired before a replacement is needed granted that the repair is not so extensive that it hinders the viability of your roof. If you think that you need a roof replacement or repair, speak with your local roofing contractors to get an estimate.

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